Full Monty

    イギリス料理, パブ
    定休日5:00 PM - 12:00 AM (翌日)

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    〒231-0042 神奈川県横浜市




    • 定休日


    • 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM (翌日)



    • 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM (翌日)


    • 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM (翌日)


    • 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM (翌日)


    • 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM (翌日)


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    Clive P.の写真

    Clive P.

    Full Monty is a British Pub that specializes mainly in cider. We usually carry around 30 different kinds. Of course we have beer too! Six to 8 taps of great ales/bitters/IPA's & stouts from both the UK & the US. Two of our food specialities are our Fish & Chips & our home made meat pies.


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    • Mark B.の写真
      Mark B.
      Commerce Charter Township, アメリカ合衆国

      Was with a group of friends that want some pub food after a Baystars game. One suggested the Full Monty. Glad he recommended it. We were able to call ahead and reserve a table for 8.

      The Food: Fish and chips was the best I've ever had in Japan. Fresh and great till the last bite. The stuffed Jalapeños were delicious. Not too hot. Habanero sauce available. Fried mushrooms and pickles kept me happy. Best thing for me was the Scotch eggs. Never had them before. Sausage meat around a boiled egg. Way better than I expected.

      The Beer: They have some craft beer available but today we opted for Rounds of cider. The apple ciders were ok. The best was the Weston's Perry. A Pear cider. Was never really a Cider fan until I had that pear cider. Low in alcohol but high in great taste.

      Service: very polite staff. They were able to save a table/section for use right after a Baystars game. Greatly appreciated. Especially when with a group of 8.

      Will have to stop by again for the awesome pub food and ciders. 43/100 Yelp Japan challenge.

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    • Jason A.の写真
      Jason A.
      Bremerton, アメリカ合衆国

      Nice people with all ways changing menu. Many ciders, scotch and great British food. Less than 5 minute walk from train. Large menu. Football is always on the television.Fish and chips, bangers and mash, scotch eggs all amazing. Very nice people with a great atmosphere! Check them out, you'll be impressed.

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    • James L.の写真
      James L.

      The landlord Clive is a class act, a genuine Brit and only too happy to talk and sample Cider.

      The food is fantastic, with a changing menu and some proper British classics... it's still the only place I know where you can get a truly good scotch egg!

      But you come for the cider. The massive (for Japan, very respectable for the U.K.) selection of Cider.

      To be honest, as a 'Cider Man' this place is a Mecca for me but, if you ain't IN to Cider (what's wrong with you?!), then...

      It's a small bar with a very good selection of imported beers and ciders, an interesting menu and a good atmosphere.

      The crowd is very mixed; a lot of foreigners, mostly Americans followed by Brits and other Europeans, and plenty of Japanese people - regulars & explorers alike. It's never boring!

      The location is a bit of a ways from the station and the surrounding area isn't the prettiest part of Yokohama, but it's worth the effort.

      In summary: How do you like them apples?! ... I like them very much thank you.

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    • Michael O.の写真
      Michael O.

      Everyone knows the HUB. The chain bar and restaurant that claims to be an authentic English experience.

      While it's ok, anyone who truly wants a legitimate English pub experience should go to the Full Monty. Here, you'll have a choice of some of the best beers and ciders that England and the US have to offer, as well as a menu of top notch English pub food.

      This place is by far the most authentic English pub I've found, and while small, its cozy atmosphere with rugby playing on the TV in the corner makes it very welcoming.

      So if you're looking for a drink but want to avoid the large crowds, or want something a little different, the Fully Monty is the place for you.

      Fish and chips!
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    • Clayton B.の写真
      Clayton B.
      Spring Valley, サンディエゴ, アメリカ合衆国

      The Full Monty in Yokohama is a British pub specializing in British food and cider. The green king abbot ale is a delicious red amber ale that you have to try for your first then you can expand to the ciders or Roppongi's Brew Dog. Also if you're in the mood for British pub food make sure you're there by 2200!!

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    • Jason S.の写真
      Jason S.

      Undisputedly the best British pub in Japan. Fish n chips, amazing. Meat pies, superb. The selection of beers and ciders, world class. Hospitality, family like.

      The atmosphere is comfortable and there's always something to watch, someone to talk to, and very easy to chill out with yourself as you slurp up the quality wifi.

      Conveniently located near Hinodecho station in Yokohama and non smoking. Highly recommended.

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    • Jeremy H.の写真
      Jeremy H.

      My favorite place to chill in Yokohama. Clive is the man! If you're ever craving an awesome serving of fish and chips and a cold cider. This is the place to be!

      Me and the man!
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    • Erin C.の写真
      Erin C.

      Great last stop or staying out spot! Right on the river. I recommend going during cherry blossom season it's not only beautiful but the area is very "colorful". Offering a little more than the regular Hanami festival. This area is a little off the beaten path but well worth the visit. Full Montey has a nice selection of beers and is small but the people are always willing to share a seat. Go with a group or go alone, your site to have a good time.

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    • Jamie S.の写真
      Jamie S.
      シアトル, アメリカ合衆国

      This is hands down one of my favourite places in Japan. Clive and Kai have a great selection of ciders and make some truly fabulous food! Wednesday's fish and chips night is a habit for us, and usually at least one other night a week I need one of their fabulous pies. The pub is just the right size, and they've done a fantastic job renovating it from its previous life as a yakitori restaurant to a cozy pub where you're proud to be a regular.

      Convenient from Hinodecho station, near a few love hotels if you miss last train, and walkable from Sakuragicho.

      Pro tip: Near the end of your visit, order a few scotch eggs to go, and have them for breakfast the next day. So good.

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    • Morgan M.の写真
      Morgan M.
      カーディフ, イギリス

      So I found this place in a somewhat drunken stupor via the Yelp app. I had just finished a two hour all you can drink and I wasn't looking to end the party quite yet. Being the Yelper that I am, I saw this place was open, pretty close, and was two dollar signs on the app. It fit all the criteria, so I was into it.
      I led my two friends there, and we arrived to a half-empty bar. And I mean that as a pro. I hate bars that are super crowded because it just makes me sweaty and feel gross. I like to enjoy my drink with a light crowd and some chill music. So this place has that going for it.
      I arrive and am greeted by the bartender. He seems like a really nice guy. After glancing at the menu (there was a really good selection of IPAs and specialty beers!) I chose a cider. My friends ordered a beer and whiskey.
      Now, here's where my first complaint is: the double whiskey on the rocks was $15. It wasn't a call drink or anything... So expensive! I literally just came from a place where they had a jug of whiskey available, all you can drink, and paid less than that. My cider was average price, so I couldn't complain.
      Here's my biggest complaint: the crowd. It was full of older white men with their Japanese dates (?) women they were trying to impress (?) I'm not sure. But you could tell those women looked uncomfortable and I was too from watching. And then I made the mistake of listening. Some old man was going on about how women who have abortions should face the death penalty. (His Japanese date (?) smiling uncomfortably and the rest of the people at the table in silence.) We left right after that because I didn't want to listen to anymore of that nonsense... But somehow he still managed to approach the table before we left and invite us to his band's performance in a week. Ugh.

      So, basically, the selection is good, the location is okay, the atmosphere is iffy, and the crowd it attracts is terrible.

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